Bathing Ape | #02-08/09/10

Bathing Ape

#02-08 / 09 / 10


Originating from Tokyo Japan, Bathing Ape has been a symbol of street fashion since the brand's establishment in 1993. 

Producing iconic design items, original patterns and characters such as BABY MILO, Bathing Ape has expanded into the Mens', Ladies and Kids line. It is sold at stores in Japan, UK, Hong Kong and various Asian countries.

Bathing Ape has created successful collaborations with established international brands and reputable artists, who are recognized as being genre-less, flexible and not limited to fashion.

As a globally well-known brand that is highly supported by a wide range of fashionistas, Bathing Ape is carried in Singapore by Kwang Sia, the leading luxury fashion retailer in Southeast Asia.