First Luxury | #03-08


First Luxury



Luxury, by definition, is a “state of great comfort, ease and/or elegance”. Luxury is also a very private matter for each individual, it is always growing and always evolving. First Luxury is the retail front from the already known online presence started by founder Ms. Susan Yin.

The ‘First’ in our brand is our dream as a company to be the FIRST to start the luxury journey with each individual, the be the FIRST in the level of curated service and to be the FIRST to listen to each special story of individuals. Luxury doesn’t mean an expensive item or the reference to a price tag, Luxury is a state, a condition, a feeling.

First Luxury as a company is currently specialized in sourcing and trading of curated authentic rare Hermes handbags and curated jewelleries. The First Luxury Lounge was opened and launched in Mandarin Gallery which is in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore, simply to serve our clients better.

It is a place where every client of ours can escape to relax, to be served and to admire our curated luxury goods. Talk to us and soon you will believe that we are more than just words and letters.