Ippudo | #04-02/03/04


#04-02/03/04  |  T. 6235 2797


Known for its ramen and broth, Ippudo noodles are the “works of a craftsman,” which offers both a springy texture and deep flavours. Founded in 1985, Ippudo has become the most popular ramen restaurant over the years, with more than 40 stores worldwide.


Ippudo aims to continuously innovate in order to remain true. Fuelled with innovation, Ippudo strives to create an exquisite and delightful ramen dining experience for its customers by creating a fusion of ramen with the highest quality, hospitable service with attention to detail and a unique ambience. With its secret broth recipe that has been refined over the years, Ippudo's ramen provides a taste and experience which cannot be found anywhere else.