Shiro Aesthetics | #03-36

Shiro Aesthetics



Advancing into the future of health and beauty, Shiro Aesthetics harmonizes leading-edge science and stellar spa services to serve up the best of both worlds. As the crème de la crème of medi spas in Singapore, Shiro aesthetics has reinvented the way we achieve perfection in beauty.


Cosmetic treatments backed by much research and development of medical professional and doctors, including state-of-the-art technologies make up the cornerstone of this establishment.

We believe every individual deserves the best. That is why we ensure a highly customizable experience from start to finish. The luxurious comforts of our spa environment ensures maximum relaxation as clients indulge in beauty services of clinical grade.

The word ‘Shiro’ means ‘white’ in Japanese, and this color of purity is a reflection of Shiro Aesthetics’ core mission. It is a conspicuous accent conveyed in its pearl-white walls, an understated space punctuated with wooden panels that takes one back to nature.

Helmed by the finest team of professionals well versed in aesthetic medicine, Shiro Aesthetics aims to be in a class of its own. Our medi spa adopts a medical approach in our plethora of treatments, targeting the face, skin and body. We take pride in bringing the highest grade of efficient cosmetic solutions to the table, carried out within a serene and professional backdrop. Shiro Aesthetics is centrally located in the heart of town to provide convenient aesthetic services for everyone.