Sushi Ayumu | #04-16

Sushi Ayumu



In Japanese, Ayumu あゆむ means walking towards a new beginning and a new vision. At Sushi Ayumu, this is where our story begins. Sushi Ayumu symbolizes a fresh start with immense possibilities.  Allured with the finest that nature has to offer, our dream is to elevate your senses with traditional Tokyo (Edo) style sushi underpinned by authenticity, freshness and flavours.

With 25 years of experience, Chef Nakatani aims to curate the perfect sushi with his time tested signature “shari” (sushi rice) and the freshest ingredients the four seasons of Japan have to offer. Complete your sushi experience with our distinctively favoured “gari’ (marinated ginger).

Sashimi will be served traditional Edo-style. One fish delicately sliced and served at a time to best savour its richness and flavours. We welcome you to embark on a memorable journey with us. We hope you will find joy in dining at Sushi Ayumu.