VINCiTORE Shoes | #01-14




Founded by Nita Chauhan, Vincitore represents a return to her family business. For nearly 20 years, her father ran successful luxury shoe retailer Euro Shoes out of Marco Polo Hotel and Centrepoint. The family closed both stores soon after the patriarch’s passing.


15 years after his passing, Nita conceived of a store that would offer quality Italian shoes for men, in classic and contemporary designs, all at an affordable price. Vincitore – the Italian Shoe Store was born. Vincitore may be the Italian Shoe Store. But it’s much more than that.


Vincitore is, in fact, in the business of Service. Long after even the most exquisite pair of Vincitore is forgotten, the quality of service will be remembered. Because a pair of Vincitore is not just a shoe. Every pair – whether fine, formal or funky – holds the promise of an experience. From adding spice to the daily routine of work, to bedazzling a glitzy soirée, to celebrating life’s many momentous experiences.