Wagyu Aoyama | #04-08/09/10

Wagyu Aoyama

#04-08/09/10  |  T. 6836 0111


Wagyu Aoyama defied the convention by using “chilled’ authentic Japanese Wagyu meat which is air-flown and delivered from its suppliers on a regular basis. Customers were amazed and hooked by the juicy and tender beef served at our restaurant. Over time, Wagyu Aoyama has established ourselves as the go-to place among consumers and industry insiders alike for the simple and yet elegant flavours of beef yakiniku.

For our diners who do not consume beef, there are other dishes in the menu which would definitely titillate your taste buds too. Specially designed state-of-art “Smoke-less system”. Cozy ambiance, family-friendly seating, perfect for all occasions among friends and colleagues. Private rooms are available for more exclusive dining.