Wagyu Omakase by Ayumu  |  #04-16

Wagyu Omakase by Ayumu

#04-16  |  (65) 6733 2114 / 9780 7002


Wagyu Omakase by Ayumu” is a fine dining Japanese restaurant honouring the rarest and “best of breed” thoroughbred Black Wagyu from the rich fields of Kyushu Japan. Nestled in the heart of the luxurious Orchard Road shopping belt, we invite you to enjoy our different rendition of these extremely limited harvest Wagyu through a seasonal “Omakase” menu that accentuates 7 elements, namely “Fire”, “Wind”, “Sea”, “Mountain”, “Fields”, “Ice” and “Wood”. Let your senses be ignited at our intimate 15 seater counter setting in natural Japanese wood and furnishing, where you watch the precise preparation and cooking techniques of Executive Chef Fukashi Adachi.

Chef Fukashi comes from a family lineage of tea growers in Shizuoka, thereby developing a deep rooted understanding and appreciation for nature and environment. Each course is thoughtfully curated to pay homage to his years of learning. Having spent the last 20 years helming various Japanese fine dining restaurants, including Sebo San Francisco, Zuma Bangkok and Fat Cow Singapore, he has also developed a strong passion for sake. His inspiration is to elevate your dining pleasure through pairing his food with our “handpicked” repertoire of boutique sakes.

To complete your dining experience, you will be well looked after by our delightful service team, all schooled in “Omotenashi” or traditional Japanese hospitality. We hope you will find joy in dining with us at “Wagyu Omakase by Ayumu”