ZERO Halliburton | #02-19

ZERO Halliburton

#02-19  |  T. 6736 2263


Zero Halliburton specializes in manufacturing hard-wearing travel cases and briefcases those are mainly made of aluminium. Its store at Mandarin Gallery is its first flagship store in Southeast Asia.

Zero Halliburton was founded by P. Halliburton, who guided the development of the world's first aluminium cases. The cases are known to be equipped with smooth sides and an air-tight sealed gasket, keeping moisture, dirt and dust out of the case.

For nearly 70 years, Zero Halliburton has defined strength, durability and style with its signature aluminium cases. Today, the introduction of beautifully designed nylon and polycarbonate cases is the perfect complement to its iconic aluminium cases, which redefines the meaning of durability and elegance.